Business Areas

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The smell of overflowing musical introduction to Noriter people

business Areas
Cultural Art Performance Planning
  • Performance, Planning, Events
Cultural Arts Education
  • Local or After-school Program,
    Outsourcing, Instructor Dispatch
  • Supporting Governmental
    Organization Consortium
    (Programs on Applied Music and
    Cultural Arts)
  • ‘Acoustic Guitar Basic Class’ at
    Cultural School in Yeosu Cultural
Noriter Applied Music Academy
  • Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
    Ukulele, Drum, Cajon, Vocal
    Training, etc.
On-the-Spot Experience and
Musical Instrument Rental
  • Experience Program of Musical
    Instruments such as Cajon, Public
    Art Design Formative Arts, Mural
    Arts, DIY Making Experience
Social Contribution
  • Cooperative Projects with Local
    Organizations for Social Service,
    50% off of Class Fees for
    Vulnerable Social Group at Noriter
    Applied Music Academy
Cultural Events · Sounding
Equipment Business
  • Event Planning, Exhibition,
    Sounding Equipment, Stage
    Setting, Lighting, Rental Business